Bundle : 12 Magnetic holders + 12 Easy Load display panels + 25 T-Clip
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Perfect document presentation !
Ideal to protect, display and handle paper documents. Steel-wire reinforced panel. Metal rings on short and long edges allow mounting on magnetic holder: easy to retrieve and perfectly stable.

Technical characteristics

Keep paper documents right at hand on aluminum profile structures (work stations, machine frames, quality control posts…).
Protect documents against dust, spills, wear and tear thanks to a 170µ thick polypropylene foil.

Product benefits

Panel can be used horizontally or vertically. Steel wire reinforced frame. 10 years guarantee. Recyclable polyprolpylene foil : recyclability of 99.4% (specialized recycling channels). The unique easy load corner closing feature offers quick and efficient document management in all industrial environments.

Plus products

Size: For A4 documents Other sizes available on request Material: 170µ transparent polypropylene foil 4 frame colors available: blue, red, green and black

Places to use

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