Pack : 12 hooks + 25 T-Clip
Crochet avec tclip vue eclatePack  12 hooks + 25 T ClipCrochet 40crochet 30
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Easy and quick hanging of items ! (tool-less mounting)
Who doesn’t need a hook? This hook can be fixed wherever needed! Hang up various items such as cloths, keys, brush & dustpan on most T-slot aluminum profiles (with T-Clip)

Technical characteristics

Versatile: can be fixed with T-Clip on all aluminum profiles (work stations, machine protections, quality stations…)
Optimizes workstation organisation
Efficiency enhancing and time-saving: items stay in reach and don’t risk falling

Product benefits

Hard-wearing 304 stainless steel without any chemical surface treatment: particularly suited for food industry applications, corrosion-free and high resistance to chemical attacksFront-opening dispensing box for fast access and optimized stock management. 304 stainless steel, 2 mm thickness

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