PRO Wall Kit (Incl. magnetic mount)
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Discover our new wall display kit mountable on all 8 and 10 mm. slit aluminium profi les or any wall or metallic surface. Perfectly
adapted to TQM, 5S, KAIZEN and all LEAN management purposes in general! Thanks to its patented magnetic mounting,
our PRO wall kit is the ideal tool for frequent use: pockets can be mounted, removed and switched in the blink of an eye.

Technical characteristics

Time saving: pockets mount 4 times faster, thanks to strong Neodyme magnets. Protects frequently used documents against dust, spills, wear and tear.

Product benefits

Polyprolpylene foil: 98% recyclability (specialized recycling channels). Steel wire reinforced frames, metallic pivots and thick, orangepeel, transfer-safe transparent foil (PP or PVC). Corrosion-free and heat resistant aluminum bracket (anodized) recyclability 100% (specialized recycling channels).

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