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VEO displays, protects and organises all your important documents. VEO is giving you more time, less stress and better day-to-day efficiency. A combination of good looks and high-quality materials...VEO should be used everywhere paper information must be enhanced. 

Technical characteristics

Incredibly simple set up : one click, no tools. Aluminium alloy base in black soft grain finish. Excellent stability. 10 Polypropylene pivoting pockets included. Steel pivots. 

Product benefits

Easily extend from 10 to 20 pockets. Just add a wall unit. Desk units can be infinitely extended, by adding a wall unit and another desk unit, and so on... Display up to 20 A4 sheets and more.

Plus products

The VEO packaging converts into a nice storage box. On top of being useful, it also is environment-friendly. Made of recyclable polypropylene. Steel reinforcements.

Places to use

Offices, reception areas, shops, public areas...

Potential for recycling

To a recycling bulky waste : 65%
To a recycling specific treatments : 98%

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