Easy Load pockets (x50)
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Developed 40 years ago, the TARIFOLD display system has sold millions of copies in all shapes. Backed by its expertise and field knowledge, TARIFOLD PRO has created a new system that perfectly meets the needs of modern industry.

Installed with the T-Clip on the aluminium profiles or with screws and dowels everywhere, this new patented presentation system is designed to be easier to handle, more practical and more efficient.

Charakterystyka techniczna

A polypropylene pocket for protecting your documents from dust,splashes and wear. A sturdy frame in steel wire for greater solidity.
A corner closure system for quickly and easily loading documents.
Available in 4 colours for thematising the information: black, red, green and blue.

One box contains 50 items.

Korzyści produktu

The pockets are made of 170 microns Polypropylen. The pocket come with a 10 year warranty. Double sided opening allows extremely easy document insertion and fast retrieval.

Przewagi konkurencyjne

The most efficient way to display documents protecting them from dust, splashes and wear. Thanks to its corner Easy Load closure, this easy and quick to load pocket perfectly meets the needs of modern industry.

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