Sterifold Antibacterial, wall kit
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Our Sterifold antibacterial kits (wall and desk kits) are now available in white with the same features as our famous black Sterifold antibacterial kits.

Sterifold is specially designed to avoid microbial contamination. On documents handled by numerous users, microbes, germs and bacteria can reproduce and transmit and possibly cause contagious diseases.
The silver ions included in our Sterifold pockets deter microbial growth by eliminating micro-organisms presenting a health risk.*

 *Laboratory tested / Scientifi c documents available on request

Teknik özellikler

Stops germs and bacteria in under 2h.

The only pocket designed to present and organize paper information in places where the proliferation of bacteria presents a risk.

Especially suitable for environments at high risk of microbial proliferation (medical and paramedical, pharmaceutical industry, restaurants...).

Infi nitely extendable by simply assembling units side-by-side.

Available with white or black pockets.

For optimal anti-microbial protection, we recommend that you replace your Sterifold pockets every 2 years.

Using Sterifold does not replace routine hygiene practices

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