Antimicrobial Desktop Organizer - Black Pockets
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Antimicrobial Desktop Organizer provides the flexible solution to organize, protect and display reference documents. Complete with desk base, universal mounting bracket, 10 black wire reinforced display pockets (holds 20 sheets), and a pair of side stops (which support the pockets)
Snap-on index tabs and hardware included
DA271 can be expanded to 20 or 30 pockets by adding additional WA271 units
Tarifold pockets have been manufactured with Agion silver ion compound, a proven antimicrobial agent, EPA registered and FDA recognized
Patented Agion compound is mixed right into the pocket material, providing the safest, most effective and longest lasting protection available
Sterifold pockets will release Agion antimicrobial silver ions when bacteria, yeasts, or fungii appears on the surface of the pocket

Product benefits

The pockets contain silver ions, a natural organic product. By a natural reaction these eliminate all types of bacteria, germs, moulds and fungi.

Added value

Extension to 30 pockets and wall fixing are possible.

Places to use

Hospitals, Clinics, Laboratories, Kitchens, Restaurants, Food industries...