Desktop Organizer - Green Pockets
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Maximize workplace productivity by placing important information at your fingertips with the Tarifold desktop organizer. Complete with desk base, universal mounting bracket, green wire reinforced display pockets, and a pair of side stops (which support the pockets)
Snap-on index tabs and hardware included
D251 can be expanded to 20 or 30 pockets by adding additional W251 units

Product benefits

Extendable from 10 to 60 pockets. Wall fixing possible (10, 20 and 30 pocket version). Stable and integrated into the work surface

Added value

The base perforation for the 10 to 30 pocket versions allows wall fixing.

Places to use

Production workshops, Factories, Warehouses, Machines, Manufacturing Lines, Assembly Stations...

Potential for recycling

To a recycling bulky waste : 66,90%
To a recycling specific treatments : 97,90%