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From April 4th to 8th: Sustainable Development week at Tarifold!

The main purpose of this special week was to make employees aware of their responsibilities concerning Sustainable Development and more generally to help Tarifold to become an eco-sensitive company.

Some actions have been launched:

Training on Eco-drive. During one hour, in real and with a professional instructor, each participant was sensitized to more environmentally friendly driving which can result in a fuel oils saving of up to 25%.

A big « Top Chef » competition for all employees. Each participant had prepared a dessert with a prescribed ingredient (this year it was « apple »). Throughout the day, employees tasted the desserts and voted to nominate their favorite. This action was a way to rally employee’s interest in a pleasant and friendly project.

Workshops on “responsible purchasing”: to educate employees on Fair Trade and on the consequences of their purchases on environment.

The recovery of plants and shrubs for planting them at Tarifold and so to create a friendly outside space.

As each year, different collections of corks, capsules… have been organized and the results are very encouraging: 15 kg of corks, 35 kg of clothes that have been given to the French « Red Cross » and 30 kg of medicines returned to the Faculty of Pharmacy for recycling.