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Color Badge Reels

  • Combines with any badge type
  • Equipped with a belt clip
  • Available in 5 colors
  • “Smiley” model available
  • 60 cm reel

Secure your card or badge holder while brightening up your day.



Secure your card or badge holder while brightening up your day!

  • Helps keep badges handy at all times.
  • Combines with any badge type thanks to its double accessories.
  • Attach a badge plus any other item frequently used (i.e keys).
  • Mix and match reels with any Tarifold badge holder.
  • Colored reels match perfectly with color badge holders for a coordinated look.
  • Spice things up with the special happy Smiley face reel.
  • Plastic badge reel with a mat grainy finish.
  • Equipped with a belt clip.
  • 60 cm reel allows wearer to extend badge at arm’s length to access any card reader or door lock.
  • Double accessories: strap clip and swivel trigger hook.
  • Standard model available in 5 colors: blue, red, green, yellow, white.
  • “Smiley” model available with yellow smiley face.
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ThumbnailSKUDescriptionSizeColorsQuantity per unit
Color Badge Reels20051133 x 80 mmBlue10
Color Badge Reels white20051233 x 80 mmWhite10
Color Badge Reels red20051333 x 80 mmRed10
Color Badge Reels yellow20051433 x 80 mmYellow10
Color Badge Reels green20051533 x 80 mmGreen10
Color Badge Reels smiley20051933 x 80 mmYellow Smiley10
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Dimensions 33 × 80 mm

Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, White, Yellow Smiley


33 x 80 mm

Quantity per unit


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