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Color Collection Pockets with Flap

  • A4 pocket with flap
  • Capacity: 60 sheets of paper
  • Light and ultra strong
  • High quality 200 µ PP
  • For up to A4 size documents

An original landscape presentation. Let yourself be conquered by its soft materials and eye enchanting colors.

Made from environmentally friendly PP. Solvent free and pH neutral adhesives.Dye-free reduces ecological impact of manufacturing and recycling.Landscape format top loading

An original landscape presentation. 
Let yourself be conquered by its soft materials and eye enchanting colors.

  • Capacity: 60 sheets of 80 g paper.
  • Light and ultra strong.
  • Display tables, graphs, reports in landscape format.
  • A4 pocket with flap and two compartments.
  • High quality 200 µ polypropylene.
  • Flap has a smooth glossy finish.
  • Body has a grainy frosted finish.
  • Main compartment protected by flap, extra compartment at back.
  • For up to A4 size documents.
  • Loading from long side.
  • Available as a color assortment: blue, yellow, green, pink, purple, smoky grey.
  • Dimensions : 310 x 230 mm.
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ThumbnailSKUDescriptionSizeColorsQuantity per unit
Pockets with flap color collection511109A4Assorted (blue, yellow, green, pink, purple, clear)12
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Dimensions 310 × 230 mm

Assorted (blue, yellow, green, pink, purple, clear)



Quantity per unit




Material thickness

200 µ

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