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Conformable Anti-Slip Safety Floor Marking Line

  • Extra strong adhesive
  • Adhesive safety floor marking strip
  • Medium grain anti-slip coating
  • Safety colour yellow/black
  • Size: 640 x 150 mm.

Perfectly suited for all LEAN management purposes.
Here is a special floor marking strip that conforms to all types of surfaces and shapes.

Made from environmentally friendly PVC. Solvent free and pH neutral adhesives.Perfectly adapted, but not limited to, TQM, 5S, Kaizen and generally speaking all LEAN management purposes.

Here is a special floor marking strip that conforms to all types of surfaces and shapes.

  • Extra strong adhesive.
  • High resistance PVC suitable for the passage of pedestrians and machines.
  • Moulds to the shape and irregularities of the surface to which it is applied.
  • The aluminium base has no memory and can be placed in any desired shape.
  • Once placed on an uneven surface the tape does not lift, unlike a plastic that stretches and always tries to return to its original state.
  • Abrasive with a high level of adhesion, effective even in wet or dirty conditions: slip resistance.
  • Resistant to water and cleaning agents. Resistant to temperatures ranging from -30°C to +160°C.
  • High level of flame retardancy thanks to its aluminium base: certified to CAA FAA specification 8 for use in aircraft cockpits.
  • Adhesive safety floor marking strip.
  • Medium grain anti-slip coating on an aluminium base.
  • Safety colour yellow/black.
  • In width 50 mm.


Places to use

For indoor and outdoor use. Can be used in any business, factory, warehouse, campus, etc. For marking surfaces that require extra slip resistance. Ideal for all uneven surfaces such as worn floors, stairs made of perforated or ribbed sheet metal, Durbar plates, walkways; or for covering the edges of steps, loading dock

ThumbnailSKUDescriptionSizeColorsQuantity per unit
197614150 x 610 mmYellow/black1
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Dimensions 150 × 610 mm



150 x 610 mm

Quantity per unit




Material thickness

350 µ

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