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Desk Stand Base

  • Without bracket + pockets
  • For 10 to 60 pockets
  • Light grey desk stand base

High-quality and long lasting due to exclusive wired-reinforced document display panels.Portrait format top loading

Base able to hold 1 to 6 wall kits and thus form a desk unit.

  • Sold empty (without bracket + pockets).
  • For 10 to 60 pockets (1 to 6 wall kits Art. 41410X).



  • Grey holder, rotating 360°, with integrated rotation locking system.
  • Sold empty.
  • Add the pockets of your choice.
  • From 40 to 50 pockets.
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ThumbnailSKUDescriptionSizeColorsQuantity per unit
Tarifold Desk Stand Base220000Grey1
Tarifold Desk Stand Base220100Grey1
Tarifold Desk Stand Base220003aGrey1
Tarifold Desk Stand Base234000Grey1
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Dimensions N/A


Quantity per unit



10-30, 40-50, 40-60


Metal, Stainless steel

Made in


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