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Easy Load Desk Kit

  • 100% recyclable PP pockets
  • Ergonomic display
  • 5 clip-on index tabs
  • Can be extended to 30 pockets
  • Perfect for ISO certified companies

100% recyclable polypropylene pockets. The display system with an environmentally-friendly twist.

Made from environmentally friendly PP. Solvent free and pH neutral adhesives.Portrait format Easy load loading

The display system with an environmentally-friendly twist.

Display, organize and protect important documents in the wink of an eye.
100% recyclable polypropylene pockets.

  • Provides immediate access to documents.
  • 100% recyclable and glare-free polypropylene (PP) pockets.
  • Perfect for ISO certified companies.
  • Ergonomic display of information at eye level.
  • Protects and organizes all frequently used documents. (plans, maintenance instructions, procedures, directories, catalogues, price lists,…).
  • Improves work efficiency and communication.
  • Ideal for factories, warehouses, workshops, offices, showrooms, desks, counters, stores, kitchens,…
  • Easy load pockets (corner closure, 2 sides open).
  • Solid state grey enamel metal desk stand with 4 side stops.
  • Recyclable Easy Load pockets (170 µ Polypropylene)
  • 5 clip-on index tabs (inserts neutral/color).
  • Can be extended to 30 pockets.
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ThumbnailSKUDescriptionSizeColorsQuantity per unit
Tarifold Easy Load Desk Kit434909A4Assorted (blue, red, yellow, green, black)1
Tarifold Easy Load Desk Kit434901A4Blue1
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Dimensions 470 × 370 × 290 mm

Assorted (blue, red, yellow, green, black), Blue





Made in


Quantity per unit




Material thickness

170 µ

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