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  • A4 perforated filing folder
  • Available in fashionable colours
  • Tabs for indexing included
  • Holds up to 80 sheets of A4 paper
  • Available in matte or glossy quality

Save time and stress everyday at work!
Easily access all your files without having to open your binder.

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Save time and stress everyday at work!

A folder, divider and document wallet all-in-one! Easily access all your files without having to open your binder.

Thanks to its patented design, SMARTFOLDERS avoid punching holes in important documents.

  • A4 perforated filing folder.
  • High grade/glossy cardstock.
  • Flap with hook and loop fastening.
  • 4 perforations reinforced with eyelets in the 2 middle holes (for lever arch binder).
  • 2 internal flaps.
  • Tabs for indexing included.
  • Available in fashionable colours: blue, purple, yellow, cream, green and red or as an assorted pack.
  • Suits most 2 & 4 hole binder mechanisms.
  • Holds up to 80 sheets of A4 paper.
  • Color coding allows thematic filing.
  • Strong metal eyelets protects from tearing and ensure high intensity use.
  • Whole filing process made easier and faster.
  • Important documents are not damaged by punching holes.
  • Can be removed and carried with you like a document wallet.
  • Shop merchandising available.
  • Made in France.
  • Suitable for office, home and school requirements.
  • For all types of documents that need to be preserved and easily accessed: contracts, personal files, magazines, research papers, drawings, financial statements…
  • Especially adapted for public administration, attorneys, solicitors, bookeepers, small businesses, schools, but also to organise personal files at home.
  • Personalizing upon request.
  • 250 gm/m² standard cardstock quality.
  • Size 235 x 313 mm + 10 mm tab.
  • Metal eyelets.
  • 6 folders per bag with insert sheet.
  • 10 bags per box.
ThumbnailSKUDescriptionSizeColorsQuantity per unit
Tarifold Smartfolders111305A4Assorted6
Tarifold Smartfolders red130305A4Red6
Tarifold Smartfolders green110305A4Green6
Tarifold Smartfolders beige150305A4Cream6
Tarifold Smartfolders yellow160305A4Yellow6
Tarifold Smartfolders blue170305A4Blue6
Tarifold Smartfolders purple122305A4Purple6
Tarifold Smartfolders119305A4Assorted102
Tarifold Smartfolders green110302A4Green6
Tarifold Smartfolders111302A4Assorted6
Tarifold Smartfolders red130302A4Red6
Tarifold Smartfolders beige150302A4Cream6
Tarifold Smartfolders yellow121304A4Yellow6
Tarifold Smartfolders blue170302A4Blue6
Tarifold Smartfolders purple122304A4Purple6
Tarifold Smartfolders140302A4Assorted60
Tarifold Smartfolders119304Standard versionA4Assorted102
Tarifold Smartfolders red114302A4Red100
Tarifold Smartfolders green118302A4Green100
Tarifold Smartfolders beige115302A4Cream100
Tarifold Smartfolders yellow121302A4Yellow100
Tarifold Smartfolders blue117302A4Blue100
Tarifold Smartfolders purple122302A4Purple100
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Assorted, Cream, Green, Purple, Yellow, Red, Blue



Quantity per unit

102, 6, 60, 100



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