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T-Clip Mounter

  • Instant mounting
  • Fix elements on alu profiles
  • Polypropylene copolymer
  • 100% recyclable
  • Pull-out resistance: 9 kg.

Instant mounting for all brands of aluminum profiles. Allows you to fix elements on aluminum profiles. No tools needed!

Perfectly adapted, but not limited to, TQM, 5S, Kaizen and generally speaking all LEAN management purposes.

Instant mounting for all brands of aluminum profiles.

The T-Clip is composed of an insert and a key that allow you to fixe standard elements or Tarifold Pro accessories on most brands of aluminum profiles with 8 or 10 mm grooves.
The insert is inserted through the accessory and into the groove of the profile and the key is then pushed into the insert to lock the accessory into position on the profile.

  • Quick and easy: allows you to fixe elements on aluminum profiles in the blink of an eye. No tools needed!
  • Flexible applications: can be used with all T-Pro accessories (document holders, cable holders, magnetic holders, hook, presentation systems) or with standard elements available to the user (power switches, electrical raceways, etc.) into which a 15mm diameter hole needs to be drilled in order to insert the T-Clip.
  • Universal: can be used on most brands of aluminum profiles including Apore, Bosch Rexroth, Elcom ITEM, Flexlink, Hepco, Kanya, MayTec, Minitec, Misumi, MK, Modular, Norcan, etc.
  • Packaged in an easy to open dispenser box for easy storage and access to product.


  • Key: Polypropylene copolymer 100% recyclable (specific channels).
  • Insert: Estane TPU 98 shores 100% recyclable (specific channels).


  • Pull-out resistance: 9 kg.
  • Sliding resistance: 5 kg.
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