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Tarifold Easy-Load Desk Display Unit

  • 100% recyclable PP pockets
  • 10 Black PP pockets included
  • 5 clip-on index tabs
  • Black metal desk stand.
  • Perfect for ISO certified companies

Tarifold Easy-Load desk display unit ensure that often used documents are always readily available.

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High-quality and long lasting due to exclusive wired-reinforced document display panels.Made from environmentally friendly PP. Solvent free and pH neutral adhesives.Portrait format Easy load loading


Tarifold Easy-Load desk display unit ensure that often used documents are always readily available.

This document presentation system is perfectly adapted to TQM, 5S, KAIZEN, and generally speaking all LEAN management processes.

The non-glare, 100% recycled polypropylene display pockets with 2-sided opening feature and a closing corner pocket ensure secure document storage.

The Tarifold Easy-Load desk display system can be mounted to any durable vertical surface with the hardware that is provided.

The Easy-Load “Black Edition” Desk Unit is constructed from ABS metal with environmental friendly powder coating.

  • 10 black letter-size display pockets for 20 total views
  • Flexible pocket frames made from 100% polypropylene plastic
  • Non-glare polypropylene display pockets with 2-sided user friendly corner opening
  • 10 year product warranty


Places to use

Ideal for factories, warehouses, workshops, offices, showrooms, desks, counters, stores, kitchens etc. Perfect for ISO certified companies.

Distinctive features

100% recyclable and glare-free polypropylene (PP) pockets.

More details

Pocket with Easy Load corner opening: wide 2-side opening for quick and easy insertion of document.

ThumbnailSKUDescriptionSizeColorsQuantity per unit
Tarifold Easy Load black display systemEZD771USBlack1
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Material thickness

170 µ

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