Solutions for a safer workspace

Destroys 99.9% of microbes

Eliminates all bacteria, virus off touched surfaces.

24/7 protection

Create a safer environment for workers, employees and customers with a continuous protection.

FDA & EPA approved

Scientifically proven technology. FDA & EPA approved.


Long-lasting second line of defense, together with usual hygiene practices. 2 years efficiency.


When microbes appear on the surface, silver ions are released, penetrate the microbial cell which is destroyed immediately.

Please note that antimicrobial products do not replace usual hygiene practices.

Active SARS-CoV Virus

  • 375 mg/L
  • 188 mg/L

Test conducted in the Virosis Control Institue of The Chinese Center for
Disease Control and Prevention in July 2003.

24/7 continuous protection
Proven long-term efficacy
Meets all regulatory requirements
Passive – no maintenance required
Safe for humans and the environment
Smart release: only activates when micro-organisms appear
All products can be cleaned with usual detergents which doesn’t damage their efficiency
2 years efficacy in average usage conditions


Carry and store your masks when at work or travelling
and avoid putting them on unclean surfaces or even pockets and thus picking up microbes.
24/7 protection
Destroys 99.9% of microbes
Keeps masks protected at all times
2 compartments for clean and dirty reusable masks


Sterifilm antimicrobial surface stickers create permanent protection to slow the spread of hand transmitted diseases.
24/7 continuous protection
Can be cleaned with detergent
Easy to apply, repositionable, removes without residue
Cut to size to fit your needs


Sterifold antimicrobial display kits are the ideal solution to display and access information in places where hygiene is important.
Helps fight against microbial transmission
Ideal in hospitals, labs, restaurants, kitchens, public places
10 antimicrobial pivoting pockets – 20 pages
Ultra-strong steel wire frame
With convenient clip-on index tabs