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A4 Crystal hanging sign holder with Magneto frame display pocket

  • Large format hanging acrylic sign
  • 3-sided magnetic closing
  • Supplied with 2,5 m suspension cord
  • Double-sided display
  • Designed to hold A1

Conveniently display posters and signs with ease and maximum visibility.

Made from environmentally friendly PVC. Solvent free and pH neutral adhesives.Portrait format

The elegance of our Magneto frame display pocket reinforced with a sturdy acrylic holder.

Conveniently display posters and signs with ease and maximum visibility.

  • Large format hanging acrylic sign holder with a Magneto frame display pocket.
  • Glare-free pocket with 3-sided magnetic closing.
  • Designed to hold A1 display literature.
  • Can be suspended vertically or horizontally.
  • Side loading of document.
  • Supplied with 2,5 m suspension cord, loopmakers and ceiling hooks.
  • Double-sided display.
  • The unique and exclusive “dot” design of the frame enhances documents in the front and back.
  • Quick and effortless document change.
  • Document is enhanced and highly visible.
  • Sign holder is adjustable to different ceiling heights.
  • Invisible suspension thanks to transparent cord.
  • For use indoors.
  • Designed to hold large format posters and signs.
  • Ideal for large space signing within supermarkets, malls, building lobbies, factories, museums, trade shows, exhibitions, etc.
  • Dimensions: 676 x 923 mm.
  • Material: PMMA holder with PVC pocket.
  • Mounting hardware : Nylon suspension cord and brass nickel plated loopmakers.
  • Made in France.
  • 1 pc per box.
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Tarifold Crystal hanging sign holder 930037930037676 x 923 mmTransparent1
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Transparent, Black


676 x 923 mm

Made in



Crystal PMMA, PVC

Quantity per unit


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