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Lean Management

We hear more and more the term "Lean Management". But what exactly is it? 1. Definition of Lean Management Lean Management is an Anglo-Saxon expression whose main word is evocative.

Badges in the Workplace

The primary function of a badge is to quickly identify the person we are dealing with. Generally, the badge mentions the persons first name, last name and function within the

Ergonomics in the workplace

According to Préventica (source), ergonomics is the scientific discipline that deals with the understanding of interactions between humans and other elements of a system. Thus, ergonomics is a discipline-based system

Mandatory signage in private and public companies in France

According to the French labor code, from the first employee, a company in France is required to post certain information. These postings must be located in a strategic place where all employees

Industrial Tourism: Benefits, Costs And Implementation

Industrial tourism is a growing activity in some parts of the world. It attracts a diverse public with various motivations, such as discovery and learning. This article is intended for

Choosing colors according to workplaces

Colors influence people’s psychology. This article will focus on how best to use colors in the workplace to good effect.

New trends in workplace organization – advantages and drawbacks

New trends in workplace organization will be analyzed: open spaces, flex office and home office. Their advantages and drawbacks will be highlighted and solutions will be brought.

Information relay tools – Part 2: Digital and Face-to-face channels

This article is the second part of the article on the presentation of information relay tools. The tools have been classified according to their channel: print, signage, digital, face-to-face and other. This article will examine digital, face-to-face and other types of channels.

Information relay tools – Part 1: Print and Signage channels

This article will present some of the tools which can help to correctly relay information. These tools will be classified according to their channel: print, signage, digital, face-to-face or other.

Cross-contamination – risks and solutions

By wearing a mask and face shield you are not only protected against inhalation but also the projection of droplets*. Direct contamination is avoided. But is wearing a mask and face shield enough to avoid catching a virus? The answer would be no, not completely. The virus can also be transmitted through cross-contamination. This article will provide answers to the following questions: What is cross-contamination, and how can you reduce the risk to yourself and others?

Workplace Organisation for Industries in times of Coronavirus

Faced with the exceptional health situation caused by the Coronavirus, companies must change their work habits and adapt in order to be able to serenely resume or continue their activity.

Is a paperless industry possible?

What is the legal value of dematerialized official documents? Are employees’ work organisation habits compatible with a paperless industry? Can internal and external communication in companies be managed entirely digitally? What is the ecological impact of paper and digital media?

Internal communication in companies: a factor of productivity and team commitment

What are the missions and objectives of internal communications in companies? Why are internal communications so important within a company? What are the keys to successful internal communications? What do you need to be careful about when implementing effective internal communications?

How to optimally organize your workplace?

What is a good workplace organization? Why a well-organized workplace is important for you and your company? What specificities need to be considered for a well-organized workplace? What equipment ensures you benefit from an optimal workplace organization? How to setup an optimal workplace organization?


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