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Badges in the Workplace

The primary function of a badge is to quickly identify the person we are dealing with. Generally, the badge mentions the persons first name, last name and function within the organisation. The company logo can also be present.

It is square or rectangular in shape, of various sizes, and is worn either around the neck with lanyards, or directly on the clothing with pins, combi-clips, magnets, reels or even adhesive. The badge can be made of various materials such as PVC, PP, aluminium, polyester, cardboard or PLA. (source)

1.What is the purpose of a badge?

Within a company, badges are used to identify employees and visitors. Badges can be personalized with the company’s graphic identity or they can allow each department to be distinguishable from one another through the choice of a particular colour and to quickly identify the employees around you. A neat badge, both internally and externally, allows you to convey a good brand image thanks to the company logo and its colour. It facilitates exchanges between people, for example, during events within the company.

Name badges are used in different sectors (sources):

  • Health establishments
  • Hotels
  • Stores
  • Events
  • Certain companies

In addition to being a marketing tool, in companies where employees are in direct contact with customers, the badge helps reassure customers, especially when they encounter a problem and are looking for someone to turn to. With the help of the badge, a customer can immediately identify the function of the employee in front of him and know if he is talking to the right person. (sources)

The badge can also be a tool to secure the comings and goings of people within a company or an event. Thanks to this accessory, each person is easily identifiable. Determining which people have access or not to a place is very simple. Only the people invited to an event are, via the badge, authorized to enter. In addition to the badge, a badge holder can be used to protect the badge from scratches or dents. (source)

Security ID Card Holders – Open Face (200427)

In some companies, a badge is a real tool to manage employees’ schedules. It also allows employees to use ID cards as keys to open doors or access certain secure areas. (source)

2. Managing your event with badges

During any event, it is necessary to make badges to clearly identify all participants and stakeholders. It should not be neglected. By personalizing badges according to the event you are proposing, it will no longer be a simple accessory but a real reflection of your company’s image. You can opt for coloured badges or coloured lanyards that differ according to the status of the person (visitors, professionals, speakers, …). Be careful to avoid errors, omissions and spelling mistakes when creating badges as this can, on the other hand, damage your company’s image. It is necessary to provide all participants with a quality badge that is neat and readable. In addition, a badge can be timesaving. It is an accessory that can make the waiting line more fluid (VIP, …) but also reduce the waiting time at the entrance of your event.

Don’t forget about your visitors’ safety: use a lanyard with a safety device to avoid accidental strangulation! (sources)

Badges Holders (20043X)

3. Badges to suit all your wants and desires!

Today, badges of all colours, materials and sizes are available. A badge is sure to catch your eye and meet the expectations of your event or meeting! Here are a few badges that stand out from the crowd that you may not even know about:

  • The biodegradable badge allows you to identify participants in a meeting or a trade show while being environment friendly. Biodegradable badges are made from corn, potato, sugar cane and sugar beet residues. No fossil materials are used to produce it and it will not impact the environment when destroyed as it is made from foil that naturally degrades and respects nature.
Biodegradable Badges (10720)
  • The self-laminating badge, that doesn’t need the use of a machine, is ideal for one-off events where you want to use simple, effective and quick-to-create badges. Once laminated the badge is also secured and cannot be tampered with or removed.
Self-laminating Name Badges (11130-11132)
  • The antimicrobial badge allows you to identify your participants and provide a health barrier at the same time! This badge contains silver ions, a natural component that destroys bacteria that comes in contact with it in less than 2 hours. Tested an approved by independent laboratories (test results available upon request).
Antimicrobial Badge Holders (200432)
  • The multibadge allows you to store and organize multiple ID cards. It can hold up to 4 cards! It’s easy wallet style opening gives you access to all your cards in a flash.
Multibadge Holders (200450)
  • Accessories for badges allow you to wear your badge with style, according to what you are wearing and adapted to your needs. Between coloured lanyards, security lanyards and reels, you will undoubtedly find the one that goes best with your badge.
Reflective Security Lanyards (200534)
Black Line Badge Reels (200518)
Soft Cord Lanyards (200541 – 200542 – 200543 - 200545 – 200547)

In the professional world, the badge is a personal identification accessory not to be neglected.

Whether used at events or within a company, the badge is a versatile tool that allows you to identify people, direct to a contact person, secure access and manage entries and exits, while at the same time being a real marketing tool to promote your company.