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  • Extremely thin but extremely rigid
  • High-end and modern design
  • For documents up to A4 size
  • Hanging hole
  • Made from 80 % recycled aluminium and PP

A clipboard holder as thin as it is light for elegant note-taking.
Made of aluminium and polypropylene composite that is up to 30 % lighter than aluminium.


Made from environmentally friendly PP. Solvent free and pH neutral adhesives.Perfectly adapted, but not limited to, TQM, 5S, Kaizen and generally speaking all LEAN management purposes.Portrait format

A clipboard holder as thin as it is light for elegant note-taking.

  • Aluminium composite clipboard with protective varnish.
  • Large capacity flat clamp.
  • Hanging hole.
  • Two pen slots.
  • Can be held vertically or horizontally.
  • For documents up to A4 size.
  • High-end and modern design.
  • The lightest aluminium clipboard on the market: at equivalent rigidity is 65 % lighter than steel or 30 % lighter than solid aluminium.
  • Extremely thin but extremely rigid!
  • Made with 80 % recycled aluminium.
  • Surface protected from daily wear and tear.
  • Easy to carry everywhere and does not strain the arm.
  • Can be used vertically or horizontally for portrait or landscape note-taking.
  • Its size, studied to support the wrist, allows you to take notes all the way down to the bottom of the page, whether in portrait or landscape position.
  • Can be personalized with a digital print!
  • Can be used in the factory as well as in the office.
  • For comfortable note-taking on the move during inventories, quality checks, company audits, order picking, stock management, checklists, etc.
  • Clipboard made of 1.2 mm thick aluminium composite panel with PP core.
  • Clear lacquer coating.
  • 240 x 350 mm, 175 g!
  • Made in France.
  • 1 piece per hanging bag with insert sheet.
  • 4 bags per 100 % recycled Kraft box.
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Dimensions 240 × 350 mm




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Aluminum, PP

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