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Rules of the Tarifold Christmas Draw

Article 1: Organization of the game 

TARIFOLD SAS, registered in the Trade and Companies Register under the Siret number 915 620 876 00085, whose head office is located at 1 rue de l’industrie, 67118 GEISPOLSHEIM, will be referred to hereinafter as “the Organising Company”.

The Organising Company is organising a contest, within the framework of the Christmas period, entitled “Tarifold Christmas Draw”. The contest will hereafter be referred to as “the Game”.


Article 2: Definitions

In these rules, each of the expressions below shall have the meaning specified in its definition:

“Registration”: operation by which the visitor who wishes to participate in the Game must connect with his user account on the LinkedIn social network. As soon as he/she interacts with the Game post on the Organising Company’s LinkedIn page, he/she will be considered as a participant.

“Interaction”: any operation that consists of Liking or Commenting the post that is part of the Game. A post share alone is not considered an interaction.

“Participant”: A person who has interacted with the Game post on the Organising Company’s LinkedIn page.

“Winner”: the person who was drawn at random during the Game and to whom the prizes will be awarded.


Article 3: Purpose of the Game 

The Game consists in interacting with the Game’s post on the LinkedIn social network in order to try to be drawn to win the Christmas prize. It is free of charge and without any obligation to buy.


Article 4: Date and duration

The Game runs from December 13th to December 19th, 2021 included. The winner will be announced on December 20th 2021 on LinkedIn.

The Organising Company reserves the right to extend the participation period and to postpone any announced date.


Article 5: Conditions and validity of participation 


5.1 : Conditions of participation

Participation in the Game implies express and unreserved acceptance of these rules, in all their stipulations, of the rules of ethics in force on the Internet (netiquette, charter of good conduct, etc.), as well as the laws and regulations applicable to contests in force in France. Any dispute concerning its interpretation will be decided sovereignly and without appeal by the Organising Company.

Participation is open to any person residing within the European Union.

Participation in the game is done via the connection to the LinkedIn platform.


5.2 : Validity of participation

The Contest is exclusively reserved to adults residing in the European Union.

The Organising Company reserves the right to ask for proof of age at any time during the contest until the prizes are awarded.


Article 6: Terms and Conditions 

More information on the game:

The game begins on December 13, 2021 and ends on December 19, 2021. In order for participation to be taken into account, it is necessary to like or comment the LinkedIn post regarding the game announcement. It is this user interaction that will be taken into account.

The contest ends on December 19 2021 at midnight. The announcement of the winner will be made on December 20 2021 in a publication on the social network.


Article 7: Designation and publication of the winners

The winner will be determined through a random drawing to be held on December 20, 2021.

A publication on the Company’s LinkedIn account will be made to announce the winner and a message will be sent to the winner by direct messaging on the LinkedIn social network to obtain his or her contact information for shipping of the prizes.

The Organising Company reserves the right to publish the name of the winner and/or the prizes won on its social networks (Tarifold and T3L Group).


Article 8: Prizes

8.1 : Prizes

The winner will receive a gift basket with an assortment of products. It will include: a Black Line badge reel, a Multibadge, badge holder, an acrylic smartphone holder, Color Collection envelopes size A6, a soft cord Lanyard in black, Color Collection L-folders, Zipper bags size A5, 3 Color Dream Pompom key chains, a Color Dream pencil case; as well as local Alsatian products: a bottle of Crémant d’Alsace brut, a Riesling Grand Cru Eichberg 2018, a box of Uncle Hansi’s Bredele 300g, an assortment of dark chocolate hearts/stars/pretzels 500g, two packages of appetizersalted biscuits, a pack of sliced gingerbread and its foie gras 240g, a gingerbread biscuit in the shape of a heart for Christmas, an assortment of bredele 250g, a Christmas jam and Stollen bites with almond paste 350g.

The prizes cannot be the subject of a request for financial compensation, exchange or return for any reason whatsoever.

The Organising Company reserves the right to substitute, at any time, the proposed prizes, for a prize of equivalent value or with similar characteristics.


8.2 Shipment of prizes

The Organising Company is responsible for sending the prizes to the winner. Delivery will be made by the Company’s own means, or via a transport Company, within four weeks after the delivery address has been communicated.


8.3 : Uncollected prizes

If technical problems do not allow the package containing the prizes to be delivered correctly, the Organising Company cannot be held responsible. If the package containing the prizes is not collected by the winner within the time limit set by the carrier, the Organising Company cannot be held responsible.

The winner who cannot be reached or who has not transmitted his or her delivery address within 31 days will forfeit the prize, and will not be entitled to any compensation or indemnity of any kind. After this period, the Organising Company will proceed with a new draw among the other participants in order to reallocate the prizes.

The prizes cannot in any case be the object of any dispute on behalf of the winner, nor of an exchange or any other consideration of any kind whatsoever.


Article 9: Personal information

In accordance with the regulations in force, the personal information collected in the context of participation in the Game is recorded and intended solely for the Organising Company for the purposes of participation and the awarding of prizes. It will not be sold or transferred to third parties in any way whatsoever.

In accordance with the “Data Protection Act” of January 6, 1978, participants have the right to oppose, access, rectify and delete data concerning them. All requests must be sent by mail to the address of the Organising Company:


TARIFOLD SAS, 1 rue de l’Industrie, 67118 Geispolsheim,FRANCE


Article 10: Force majeure / Reservations

The Organising Company cannot be held responsible if, for reasons of force majeure or that are independent of its will, the game should be modified, shortened or cancelled. This notion of force majeure, non-limitative, includes any technical, software or hardware failure.


Article 11: Responsibility / Acceptance of the rules 

Participation in the Game implies unreserved acceptance by participants of these rules in their entirety.

Participation in the free “Tarifold Christmas Draw” implies a loyal attitude, meaning absolute respect for the rules and rights of other Participants.

Participants shall refrain from implementing or seeking to implement any participation process that does not strictly comply with the principles of the Game and these rules.

The Organising Company reserves the right to disqualify any person who does not fully comply with these rules.

The Organisingc Company may decide to cancel the Contest if it appears that obvious fraud has occurred in any form whatsoever, particularly in the computerized participation in the Contest or in the determination of the winner.

The Organising Company reserves the right to carry out any verification to ensure compliance with this article as well as with all of the rules, in particular to remove any participant who has committed any form of abuse or attempted fraud, without however being obliged to carry out a systematic verification of all entries, but may possibly limit this verification to the winners.


Article 12: Interpretation 

Any question of application or interpretation of the Rules, or any unforeseen question that may arise, will be decided by the Organising Company in accordance with French law. It will also be possible, in case of doubt, to contact the Organising Company for more information, at the following e-mail address: mrohrbacher@t3lgroup.com.


Article 13: Consultation of the rules

The present rules can be consulted via Tarifold’s website. It will be sent to any person making the request, by e-mail to mrohrbacher@t3lgroup.com or by mail to TARIFOLD SAS, 1 rue de l’Industrie, 67118 Geispolsheim, FRANCE.