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  • Perfect alignment of pockets
  • Bag of 4 side stops
  • Grey color
  • Made in ABS
  • Optimal reading

These plastic plugs insert into the side spaces of the metal holder to ensure alignment and hold pockets open as well as on a slant for optimal reading.

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These new Tarifold pluggers replace the present side stops and offer a wide range of new applications.

They are inserted into the side spaces of the main steel units to ensure that opened folders align perfectly and to provide an optimal reading angle.

Pluggers also enhance the appearance of the tarifold system, with rounded-off angles, and a more harmonious shape.

If you want to angle your wall-mounted system, simply reverse the pluggers and your system will be at the ideal reading angle.

  • Optimal reading thanks to the wide pocket opening.
  • Inserts into all Tarifold metal kits.
  • Perfect alignment of pockets.
  • Bag of 4 side stops.
  • Grey color.
  • Made in ABS.




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